Bing Webmaster Tools Tips

Bing Webmaster Tools Tips

Just before June, Bing announced the new webmaster tools platform, which at first glance seems to have undergone major changes compared to its Google counterpart (Webmaster Tools).

At a time when Bing is growing more and more it does not seem to be the one that will change the rules in SEO. A recent check on the traffic of some of Bing’s customer websites brings them only 4% of their traffic.

One of the problems faced by seo users is that while Google’s algorithm for ranking in organic results is “hidden” it seems to follow a logical sequence compared to Bing Algorithm which uses a different algorithm where most people deal with with seo either do not understand it or do not deal with Bing at a time when Google is gaining the interest of all those who want to search for a product or service or even for anything else.

With this new release of Bing Webmaster Tools, she hopes to take another step towards SEO’s market and clearly make her index better.

Of course, since we are talking about Bing, many things are still a mystery since it seems that in many cases it “buries” large websites and presents in the first places some lesser known ones, nevertheless it is necessary to install it in order to understand even more Bing and how it indexes websites.

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